Energy Terms & Conditions

Ice Comms – Utilities Terms and Conditions

The following document sets out the terms and conditions of service for Ice Telecommunications Limited t/a Ice Comms for utilities.

It is important that you read these terms and conditions carefully. By using our service/s you signify that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Switching Service

Ice Comms provides a switching service to UK businesses. To be eligible to use this service you must be;

  1. A business that is resident in the UK;
  2. Eighteen years or older (if a sole trader);
  3. Meet the credit scoring requirements of any supplier (if applicable)

We reserve the right to refuse to provide our services to any customer at our discretion.

If the customer agrees to use our services, Ice Comms will use its reasonable endeavours to identify, negotiate and secure competitive energy prices.

The customer agrees to provide Ice Comms with accurate information to allow accurate quotations to be obtained – including estimated or actual usage of energy and contract end dates.

If the customer accepts a quotation and a contract is executed between the customer and the supplier, the customer will also be subject to the terms and conditions of the supplier.

The supplier shall be entitled at any time to refuse to enter into a contract with the customer.

Ice Comms will not be responsible for any delays or failures caused by either the customer, the proposed supplier or any existing supplier in relation to effecting either a transfer of supply or renewal of supply.

The customer acknowledges that they are entering into a contract with a supplier for the provision of energy supply and not with Ice Comms. The customer agrees that Ice Comms is not liable in any way for any dealings, contracts or transactions between the customer and the supplier and that any such transactions, contracts, dealings or payment obligations are the customer’s responsibility and risk.

The customer agrees and acknowledges that Ice Comms is an independent energy broker and that Ice Comms will not be acting as the customer’s or supplier’s agent.

The customer agrees that Ice Comms are not responsible for the provision of any supplier services.


Ice Comms is remunerated directly by the suppliers and receives a commission for securing and finalising the contract between the customer and the energy supplier. This is usually by way of an uplift that is applied within your unit cost for energy.

The cost of Ice Comms’ service is therefore included within the cost of the energy contract that you agree with the supplier.

By way of example we may secure a price for electricity at 16 pence per KWH and apply a 0.9p uplift. The contracted price offered would therefore be 16.9p. Our commission would be calculated as 0.9p multiplied by your annual energy consumption and multiplied by the contract term.

Our uplifts depend on the size of contract, length and other factors such as credit risks.

As we get paid by suppliers, we only offer prices from those suppliers on our panel and we cannot secure quotes from all suppliers in the UK.

Contract fees

Where the contract between the customer and the supplier (facilitated by Ice Comms) fails to proceed to live status or where the contract is cancelled or terminated before the end of its minimum term, Ice Comms reserves the right to charge the customer a one off termination fee of £750 per meter plus 1.5 pence per kw multiplied by the customer’s usage in the previous 12 months multiplied by the number of months in the minimum term of the contract or number of months remaining. This is in addition to any charges the supplier may also attempt to recover for the failed contract or early terminated contract.


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